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Player Profiles: Olivia Tomaselli & Sophie Vorperian

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Picture of Cranston East girls’ tennis team, with Sophie Vorperian (second from left), and Olivia Tomaselli (third from left). Photo creds: on Instagram

By Tim Yean, TSM President

(CRANSTON, RI) - Cranston East girls’ tennis. It’s a sport not covered in detail by Thunderbolt Sports Media, yet they keep winning. This article is TSM’s forgiveness letter to the team for our lack of in-depth coverage (and by that, we mean nobody from TSM truly dedicating their time to cover the team, whether it be taking photos, writing articles, or interviewing players, as this article will do!). It starts with co-captains Sophie Vorperian and Olivia Tomaselli.

As co-captains, Vorperian and Tomaselli led the girls’ tennis team to the playoffs with an 11-3 record, winning their quarterfinal matchup vs Exeter-West Greenwich before falling to East Providence in a close loss, 4-3. Despite the exit, both are proud of their positions as co-captains.

“I love having this responsibility because I feel it is so important to project a positive attitude in sports and a safe environment, especially for our new players. I had such an amazing time working with and for the girls on this team and I am so proud of them all,” Vorperian said.

Tomaselli said her role throughout the season transitioned from teaching the younger players the sport to “more so to motivating the team and creating a positive and welcoming environment.”

All the on-court success doesn’t come easy, though. Outside of the Park View Courts is an intense academic life to pursue and maintain, as well as a social life. Both Vorperian and Tomaselli have roughly ten(!) extracurriculars they participate in, along with multiple AP classes, making it all the more difficult to balance with tennis.

Although difficult, Vorperian has always been busy since freshman year, so controlled chaos is the norm for her– a planner definitely helps. “By keeping my planner and making sure I don't fall behind on work, I am able to both keep my grades up and have an active role in all of these clubs.”

“Honestly, it is still a mystery on how I have been able to manage my time this season,” Tomaselli responded when asked on how she handles the difficult schedule. Besides playing tennis, she also is a part of the Edgewood Girls Basketball League. Sports are just the start of it, as she’s part of the Senior Class Council, Vice President of National Honor Society, a member of Science Club, Chess Club, and a part of East’s new Academic Decathlon squad.

Some of the Cranston East faculty members also helped shape who Tomaselli and Vorperian are today as people. When asked what teachers influenced her, Tomaselli cited Mr. Smith and Mr. Maynard as big influencers. “Mr. Smith is one teacher who has helped me to be more confident in myself and has helped me through a lot of personal and academic problems I have had. Another teacher that has been a major influence is Mr. Maynard, he has helped me flourish and grow as a student while also helping me to have confidence in my work.”

For Vorperian, it was Mr. Chun, who’s also the girls’ lacrosse head coach, as her teacher of choice. “He is always a great person to be around and creates such a safe environment for all of his students. I am so grateful I was able to be his student.”

With post-high school education clearly in the realms for both players, the responses for what they’d do for postsecondary education were brief. Tomaselli plans to major in economics and public policy, hoping to work in government. Vorperian plans to major in mechanical engineering and acquire a master's in the subject.

With all the football, soccer, and volleyball in the world being broadcast for those to watch at home, lots of love gets away from the successful girls’ tennis team (and cross country team, maybe next interview article on that?). Through the extracurriculars and the worries of what seems like hundreds of assignments for AP Classes, Olivia Tomaselli and Sophie Vorperian have both made it work, all in the name of hopefully getting into their dream colleges.

Make sure to keep an eye out on for more interview articles like these, where stories like Tomaselli's and Vorperian’s are opened up to the world. On our Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter), @tbsportsmedia, you can find more on results, schedules, and notifications on these articles.

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